Did Hasbro Just Lift The Lid On All The Star Wars Movies?

In a potentially embarrassing gaff by German toy giants Hasbro the much-anticipated line-up for each Star Wars movie for the next seven years, may have just been accidentally leaked.

Apparently the event was witnessed by a few German Star Wars websites who were in attendance when Hasbro unveiled their line of Star Wars toys, extending until the year 2020. It’s claimed that Hasbro’s announced  schedule accidentally revealed the planned release for all the movies and also what each proposed spin-off film will be about:

  • 2014: Rebels

  • 2015: Episode VII

  • 2016: Boba Fett

  • 2017: Episode VIII

  • 2018: Solo

  • 2019: Episode IX

  • 2020: Red Five

The first entry on the list is Rebels which will be the new forthcoming animated series, the trailer of which you can watch above. But if the rest of this list is to be believed then we’d expect a spin-off movie sandwiched neatly in-between each Episode movie, with the Boba Fett film being the first sin-off, the already rumoured Han Solo movie would be next, leaving a surprising entry at the end for a Red Five spin-off.

Anyone who’s entrenched in the mythology of Star Wars knows that Red Five was Luke Skywalker’s X-wing pilot call sign so are we to assume that this spin-off may in fact be a prequel? Would it be set during Luke’s time as a pilot between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back? Could it be that the other two spin-off films are prequels too? A Boba Fett movie charting the exploits of the ruthless bounty hunter before A New Hope and what about Han Solo? Could we at last witness just how he and Chewbacca first met and joined forces? All of this is nothing but conjecture at this point but it’s interesting nonetheless.

I’m just disappointed that there isn’t a Jar Jar Binks spin-off in the works.

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