Cliffhanger Remake Moves Ahead.

In yet more unnecessary remake news an official announcement on the future of the proposed remake of Renny Harlin’s 1993 movie Cliffhanger was made this week.

Apparently the project, which up until now had only been a rumour on the lips of Hollywood execs, is now firmly moving forward with StudioCanal and Neal Moritz, (21 Jump St, I Am Legend), set to produce. No word yet on any casting news which most of the three people interested in this remake are eager to find out who will replace the lead role of mentally scarred mountaineer Gabe Walker, famously played in the original by Sylvester Stallone.

One definite move which has been confirmed is the selection of Joe Gazzam who has been hired to pen the script. Although Gazzam is a new name on deck his previous screenplay, entitled Shadow Run was quickly snapped up by Sony Pictures who are now looking for a director to film it.

Word is the remake will be a ‘re-imagining‘ of the original the plot of which revolved around a mountain climber who becomes embroiled in a failed heist set in a U.S. Treasury plane flying through the Rocky Mountains.


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