Neeson & Streep In Talks For Power Rangers Reboot.


Yes, I didn’t think I’d ever read that headline either but apparently the star of The Grey has been in talks along with a number of other household names, including Liam Hemsworth, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jack Gleeson to appear in the movie.

According to MTV News Neeson could play the role of Power Rangers mentor Zordon in the reboot, alongside original Power Ranger cast member Jason David Frank who has confirmed he will play a former Ranger, whose role will be in helping the new kids train and get all fighty in tight fitting latex.

If a name as large as Neeson’s comes as a surprise to you for this property then how about Meryl Streep? Yes the Queen of Hollywood herself has apparently expressed interest in playing the villain Rita Repulsa and the surprises don’t stop there. According to various Internet sources director Michael Bay may in fact be writing the script, taking over from Max Landis who was hired after penning the screenplay for the dark superhero movie Chronicle.

No word yet on who will actually direct this Power Rangers reboot but at this rate it could be Martin Scorsese.


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