Max Landis Tweeted His Idea For A Solid Ghostbusters 3 Movie.

To begin with let me explain who Max Landis is, he’s the fellow in the video above, concisely explaining in a very honest fashion why he is ‘hated‘ among the ranks of the rabid comic book fanboys who populate the Internet.

Max is the 28 year-old son of movie director John Landis. (The Blues Brothers, National Lampoon’s Animal House), who back in 2012 received critical acclaim for scripting the sci-fi superhero movie Chronicle. Max is also a massive fanboy who has garnered quite the hateful following due to his outspoken views on various adored properties, his most famous to date being a rant about the recent Man Of Steel movie.

Yesterday on Twitter Max, through a series of interesting tweets, revealed to the world his idea for a Ghostbusters 3 movie. In my own personal opinion I thought the premise sounded great, here are those tweets in chronological order. Enjoy:

max 1 max 2 max 3 max 4 max 5 max 6 max 7 max 8 max 9 max 11 max 12 max 13 max10max 14max 15

That’s a Ghostbuster 3 movie we’ll sadly never see.



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