Ghostbusters 3 Now Has A Writer & Director.


Oh boy! This isn’t the story you’ll want to read if you’re a fan of Ghostbusters. Trust me.

For some time now the idea of filming a third Ghostbusters movie has been whirling up and down the creative rollercoaster, for every development and move toward progress the project would take a sharp nose dive, only for it to resurface again after a while. We’ve had the likes of Ivan Reitman onboard only for him to distance himself from the film, then came along the Lego Movie duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord who also bailed on the sequel, there was the untimely death of Harold Ramis, the announcement by Bill Murray he wouldn’t include himself in a third movie and finally the recently proposed idea of an all female Ghostbusters 3.

This brings us pretty much up to date with developments today, which include the confirmation by Sony of writer Katie Dippold, (The Heat), to pen the script coupled with the hiring of Paul Feig, (The Heat, Bridesmaids) as director who Sony envisage is the man for the job in assembling an all female cast for Ghostbusters 3. So you can pretty much remortgage your house and stick a bundle down on the bookies on Melissa McCarthy featuring in the cast, my guess would also include Sandra Bullock and Kristen Wiig.

For me this isn’t and shouldn’t be known as Ghostbusters 3. A movie with comedic actresses hunting down ghosts is a brilliant idea and a movie I’d definitely watch but it ain’t and never will be Ghostbusters 3. Sony’s official line is that this isn’t so much a sequel but more a ‘re-invention of the series’. Language which suggests Sony are reluctant and fearful of branding this a straight re-boot, which ostensibly is exactly that.

If only they had gone with Max Landis’ pitch on Twitter.


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