National Lampoon’s Vacation Remake Gets Final Go-Ahead.

This story has been rumbling on for some time, but now it seems the choppy creative waters stemming its progress have calmed and plain sailing can finally resume. Except of course it’s a remake of one of my all time favourite comedies so I sincerely hope it runs aground, shearing a hole through its hull, sinking it with ever f**ker onboard.

Initially this wholly unneccessary remake of one of Chevy Chase’s finest movies had a screenplay penned by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein, (Horrible Bosses), who were also in line to direct the movie before it languished in development hell. Now it seems production is back up and running with Ed Helms, (The Hangover) taking over the role of Clark Griswald and Christina Appelgate, (Anchorman), filling the shoes of his long-suffering wife Ellen.

We even have leaked details of a plot which has the couple taking their two sons on vacation to visit Astroland, with one kid being a nerd and the other a bullying jock. Originality in spades it seems. There’s also been a promise that special cameo turns can be expected from Chase himself and Beverly D’Angelo, just to rub even more salt into our gaping wounds.

Cameras are expected to roll later this year so expect a release date in 2015.



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