Mark Wahlberg In Line To Play Six Million Dollar Man

Universal Pictures are reportedly in talks with actor Mark Wahlberg to take the lead in a movie adaptation of a remake of the 70s cult, sci-fi TV series The Six Million Dollar Man.

The original series starred Lee Majors who played Steve Austin, an astronaut who following a horrendous aircraft crash, which inexplicably left his perfectly toned face free from burn blemishes and scarring, found himself at the mercy of surgical boffins who jigsawed his broken body back together using science and technology, leaving him with a bionic body with a street value of $6m.

This particular remake project has been around for some time with Jim Carrey and Leonardo DiCaprio both tipped to take the lead, Clerks director Kevin Smith even wrote a draft script for the movie back in the 90s, which was probably rejected due to the amount of bionic dick jokes it contained.

Now it seems the project is moving firmly forward with Peter Berg hotly tipped to take the director’s job, which would reunite him with Wahlberg following the duo’s recent success with Lone Survivor.


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