SPR&R Links Round-Up.

Here’s some links from across the Internet covering yet more sequel and prequels based news:

There’s to be a Conjuring spin-off movie centred on the creepy doll Annabelle – (SlashFilm)

There’s to be a Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie sequel…I have no words – (Digital Spy)

It’s looking increasingly likely we’ll never get to see a Hellboy 3 – (Den Of Geek)

According to Movie Pilot here’s a list of foreign horror movies which are too depraved to be remade – (Movie Pilot)

Here’s a list of movie sequels which were better than their original movies, according to the New York Post.

The future of a third Amazing Spiderman movie is not looking too healthy – (Gamma Squad)

The highlighted problems of a live-action Dumbo remake – (Inquistr)

KickAss star Chloe Grace Moretz has been confirmed as a cast member for the Power Rangers reboot – (Kdrama Stars)

Movie t-shirt outlet Stealthy Giant have this wonderful Raiders Of The Lost Ark/Ramones mash-up tee – (Stealthy Giant)

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