Hopkins, Wood and Marsden In Line For Westworld Remake.

(The trailer above is a fantastic reimagining of the original)

Michael Crichton’s much-loved cult movie Westworld, starring Yul Bryner as a cowboy android who runs amok in a futuristic theme park, has yet to be remade. Yes, I know, it’s a huge shock that such a popular property from 40 years ago has yet to be completely soiled by Hollywood.

For some time the plan was always to remake the movie for the big screen but after languishing in development hell after one botched attempt after another, fans were relieved to see the plan slowly diminish, but it now seems its future could lie with TV instead. Director JJ Abrams and Jonathon Nolan, (brother to Christopher), are forging ahead with their vision of the remake on the small screen for HBO. Apparently a pilot script has already been written and approved and Sir Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Woods and James Marsden have all been offered roles.

Movie website Film Divider has all the details on the project and is reporting that Hopkins would play Dr Ford, the man in charge of Westworld, with Wood and Marsden fleshing out the leads, both originally played by James Brolin and Richard Benjamin, (personally I would love it if they could get Josh Brolin instead). No word yet on the actor assigned to play Bryner’s terrifying, iconic role of the Gunslinger.


(via Film Divider)




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