A Director Is Named For Ring Prequel.


Have you ever watched Gore Verbinski’s The Ring and thought to yourself I would really love to know what the story is with that creepy wee girl and how she pops out all those TVs? Well get ready to know all about her back-story in graphic detail as its about to get a film all of its own.

Paramount have finally confirmed that F. Javier Gutierrez, (Before The Fall), will now direct a prequel to the 2002 American Ring remake, probably not long after he finishes filming The Crow remake for the Weinstein Company. This prequel will be the third US Ring movie in the franchise and will focus on the origin story of Samara Morgan, the otherworldly little girl who desperately needs a haircut and a front door key.

Its been 14 years since Verbinski’s remake and nine years since The Ring Two, but obviously Paramount is confident there’s money still left to be made from the franchise. No word yet on when filming is scheduled to begin.

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