Joe Cornish Linked To King Kong Prequel – Skull Island.

One of the most surprising pieces of news to come from this year’s Comic Con in San Diego was the announcement by Legendary Pictures that a King Kong prequel was in the works entitled Skull Island and that Joe Cornish, (Attack The Block), has been singled-out to take the director’s chair.

Anyone familiar with King Kong’s mythology will know that Skull Island first appeared in the 1933 original movie as the native location where Kong was first discovered. A deadly island inhabited by ferocious dinosaurs and gigantic crabs. In 2005 Peter Jackson upped the ante with his version of the island giving audiences some truly squirm inducing moments as the crew of the SS Venture battled with enormous, horrific arthropods.

Legendary Pictures now want to make a big budget adventure movie exploring the origins of Skull Island and are planning to release the film on November 4th, 2016 and if their intentions weren’t serious enough, they delighted fans at Comic Con by unveiling a teaser trailer for the project, which was witnessed and described by Mashable, who stated:

The teaser started with the camera panning over a roiling sea, leading to an island of dense jungle and obscured beasts. The shot tracked into a skull-shaped rock outcropping where something stirred ā€” something big ā€” and then rose, with the dark profile of a giant ape. He roared, he beat his chest, and the words “Legendary’s Skull Island” appeared.

The only foreseeable fly in the ointment with Legendary’s plans is the actual availability of Cornish to take the director’s job as its understood he has been offered a shed-load of projects to develop, but I would imagine the opportunity to helm a big budget creature feature this grand, would be too good to pass on.

(via Mashable and Deadline)

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