New Images From The Hitman Reboot.

hitman 1

Twentieth Century Fox have just released these two images from their new movie Hitman: Agent 47, a reboot of the 2007 effort starring Timothy Olyphant, (Justified). This movie, like its predecessor, is based on IO Interactive’s lead character, the genetically engineered, bald assassin featured in the popular Hitman games. This latest offering from Fox originally cast Paul Walker as its lead but due to his untimely death last year the role was passed to Rupert Friend, (Homeleand), which brings us up to speed.

For some this reboot seems unneccessary as the original movie garnered a lot of negative reviews but it didn’t stop it from returning nearly $100m at the box office next to a meer $24m budget. Fox believes this franchise has legs and plans to move forward with the milking.

Hitman: Agent 47 will hit cinemas in February.

hitman 2

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