This Just In – Other News From Other Places.


Here’s a link list of some SPR&R related news curently doing the rounds on the Internet:

Burt Gummer will return for the new Tremors movie, no word on Kevin Bacon or Fred Ward – (Dread Central)

Prometheus 2 casting rumours and release date – (Breathe Cast)

Christopher Walken joins cast for live-action Jungle Book remake – (The National)

New image from Mad Max: Fury Road shows Max helping a friend home after a late night clubbing…post apocalyptic gang members to death!


Could the Skull Island prequel be leading us to a King Kong vs Godzilla movie – (Slash Film)

The Mummy is now getting a full reboot with director Alex Kurtzman taing charge of the project – (Newsarama)

Captain America has a busted shield in the Avengers sequel – (HwHills)

Director James Gunn outlines what to expect from a Gaurdians Of The Galaxy sequel, with spoilers – (Film Divider)

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