Karen Gillan Twitter Hints At Jumanji Remake.

karenA while back Douglas Belgrad of Columbia Pictures revealed that a remake of the fantasy, adventure film Jumanji was in the pipeline, or as he put it using special Hollywood words, a ‘re-imagining’ was being planned.

That was back in 2012 ans so far the project has remained stagnant until two days ago when  Karen Gillan, (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dr Who), tweeted the above picture which led many bright people to assume she was hinting at being cast in the project, (ya think?). This tease was then followed up by even more information regarding the remake with suggestions that Zack Helm has been hired to write the script with Matt Tolmach and Bill Teitler set to produce.

Of course with progress underway for a Jumanji remake the one thing on everyone’s minds is how on earth will they be able to replace the late Robin Williams in the tite role of Alan Parrish a man who has been trapped inside a board game for 26 years?




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