Kevin Smith Pitched An Idea For A Jaws Sequel.


During a recent interview with Speakeasy, to promote his new horror movie Tusk, film director Kevin Smith opened up about his passion for the original Jaws movie and his idea for a bona-fide sequel which he would love Steven Spielberg to do.

Like most of us movie fans he adores the 1975 classic tale of a great white shark terrorising the community of Amity Island, but feels the time may be right for Spielberg to return to the property and deliver a true sequel to the film which continues to capture the imaginations of movie lovers. He explained:

Honestly, I’ll watch a JAWS movie a year because I love the concept and it was my favorite movie as a child. It still captures my imagination. They could still make it a rubber shark and it would still be awesome. But my dream — that’s the movie that launched Steven Spielberg in a massive way. How awesome would it be — in a world where Ridley Scott goes, “I’m doing BLADE RUNNER 2 and PROMETHEUS” — how awesome would it be if Spielberg was like, “You know what, man? I want to go back to Amity Island one more time.” OH! F*ck you and take my money!

So far so good Kev, you’ve got our attention but the film did spawn three horrendous sequels already, none of which are regarded as worthwhile and Spielberg himself was noted as saying: “making a sequel to anything is just a cheap carny trick”. So what would be different about your idea for a follow-up that would set it apart from the rest?

You set it in the present, and you use a hurricane, and you flood the town. Then the shark is in the town. Not just in the water. Because, again, on the land you’re fine. But all that imagery from Hurricane Sandy, of houses underwater — add a great white shark. There’s your JAWS, modern-day JAWS. Because then you gotta be on a rooftop. A shark could come into your house, dude.



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