Six Million Dollar Man Remake Will Become Six Billion Dollar Man.

Hey the 70s were a long time ago, back then $6m could buy you a whole new leaping, bounding man whose strength and speed would supersede anyone’s on earth. Nowadays that price tag wouldn’t even get you a bionic toe which is why Dimension Films have decided to rename the remake of the Six Million Dollar Man to the more economically accurate Six Billion Dollar Man.

The project will star Mark Wahlberg as former astronaut Steve Austin under the direction of Peter Berg, (the two last worked together on the movie Lone Survivor), and although they’re currently touting a remake makeover from the ground up the plot will still stay true to Martin Caidon’s 1972 novel Cyborg which the original 70’s hit TV series, (starring Lee Majors), was based upon.

Anyone unfamiliar with the premise of the Six Million Billion Dollar Man should know that it revolves around a former astronaut and all-round good guy Steve Austin who is horrifically injured during an experimental plane crash. Scientists recognising their chance to employ their tech skills use him as a guinea pig to rebuild his body with bionic systems and parts. Recovering later Steve discovers he has super-human abilities and starts work for the Government agency known as OSI as a secret agent.

The search for a script is currently underway but they need to be quick as they’ve announced a release date of 2016.



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