The Peter Pan Prequel Gets A Trailer.

Here’s the first official trailer for Pan, a prequel project by Warner Brothers to create a ‘gritty‘, (gotta love it), version of the much-loved fable.

As you can see from above the film looks gorgeous, just like Disney’s Maleficent earlier this year Pan is an origin story, centering around the main character Peter Pan and how he became the legend of Neverland. Hugh Jackman is unrecognisable as Blackbeard and Garrett Hedlund plays a young Hook.

But all is not well for this movie and as some websites have rightly pointe out, the Mary Sue being one, the infamous native American character of Tiger Lilly is being played by the pearly white Rooney Mara with some Duran Duran inspired make-up, (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). Hey Hollywood! No native American actresses to fill that role? Really? What next, Johnny Depp to play Tonto?

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