I Have Concerns With The Jurassic World Trailer.

So yesterday, two days ahead of schedule, Universal Pictures released their much-anticipated trailer for Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the franchise.

As you can see above the trailer gives us an insight to the newly created Park, the movie’s main characters and a few aspects of the plot. For the most part, about two-thirds, I was taken in, happily aboard my Anticipation Rocket to Planet Happy when this happened:

world 1

No, this isn’t a piece of concept art for the movie, it’s an actual still. Just look at that CGI. Look at the water! Now I know there’s a lot of tarting up to be done in post production but if the trailer is to evoke excitement and engagement then they completely lost me with this clip. It looks like a PS4 cutaway scene. Moving on I decided to overlook for what was, for the most part, a solid trailer but then Hollywood saved the best to last:

world 2

Yep. That’s Chris Pratt on a motorcycle riding through the jungle at top speed, (difficult enough with a trail bike), flanked and followed by four Velociraptors. You know, like a motorcycle gang. Sons of the Cretaceous Period. At the weekends they deal drugs, sleep with hookers and start bar brawls. The second I saw this my heart sank as it immediately reminded me of Shia Lebouf swinging through the jungle vines with a legion of monkeys in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and none of us need reminding of that atrocity.

Apparently the explanation for this utterly ridiculous scene is that Pratt’s character is a dino trainer so these raptors are running with him because he’s expertly trained them to think the bike is just another raptor. Of course he has. Am I being too harsh prematurely? I fully understand that your imagination will be stretched and realism will be bent with a film which deals with a dinosaur theme park and I’m not, like some people, getting my knickers in a twist about the more scientific aspects of the movie. But for fuck’s sake, biker gang raptors?

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