23 Jump St Might Merge With Men In Black 4.


Yeah, just let that headline sink in for a second. Done? Cool.

Apparently there’s a scorching hot rumour currently doing the rounds that the third Jump Street movie starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum might be a crossover with another successful buddy-buddy franchise; Men In Black. The details are sketchy right now but the basis for the rumour comes from one of the many leaked emails from Sony Pictures, thanks to the current cyber attack they’re experiencing.

There’s evidence that Hill and Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal have discussed the proposed idea but no official greenlight has been given to the project. Details outline the non-involvement of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for the crossover and Spielberg’s reprisal of a producer’s role on the movie is in doubt. However both Hill and Tatum would return along with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller as producers.

This all seems like a wild idea dreamt up by Hill and Co after a few too many but Sony Pictures have confirmed they intend to film and release a third Jump Street movie for next year. But without Smith and Jones what’s the point?

If this project becomes a reality die-hard fans of Men In Black might want one of these:



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