McQuarrie Opens Up About M:I5.

Actor Sean Harris will play the villain in M:I5.

Actor Sean Harris will play the villain in M:I5.

Film director Christopher McQuarrie, (Way Of The Gun, Jack Reacher),  recently took to social media to answer questions by fans about his newest movie Mission: Impossible 5 and he revealed some juicy details about the project.

Apparently Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames will play far larger roles in this sequel and Simon Pegg’s character will, in McQuarrie’s own words, be getting his hands ‘plenty dirty’. Paulla Patton and Maggie Q will not feature in this installment due to a clash of filming schedules.

The great news is English actor Sean Harris has been confirmed as the movie’s villain which is a pretty exciting prospect if anyone has watched Southcliffe or The Red Riding Trilogy. Harris can play evil with disturbing ease.

The only other interesting revelation throughout the Twitter Q&A was that McQuarrie seems determined to remain faithful to the original TV series and hinted that there will be a few nods to Brian De Palma’s initial Mission Impossible movie but he wants to maintain an ‘old school’ approach to the movie.

M:I 5 is scheduled for release on July 31st.

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