Patton Oswalt Has A Great Idea For An Unbreakable Trilogy.

My man love for Patton Oswalt runs deep. Extremely deep. If you haven’t read his amazing book Silver Screen Fiend it’s a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in cinema.

As a self-confessed movie addict he has some amazing ideas about the Marvel universe and the Star Wars franchise but his dream of turning M. Night Shyamalan’s outrageously underrated super-hero origin story Unbreakable into an exciting trilogy is what really captures my imagination.

In the video above Oswalt explains in a ten minute interview with Screen Junkies his dream of making two Unbreakable sequels and outlines plot and character development for each.His ideas are brilliant and continue the theme of the original in a very different direction.

Sad thing due to Shyamalan’s recent run of less than successful movies the chances this trilogy will ever see the light of day are few and far between…or are they?


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