Matthew Vaughn In Talks To Remake Flash Gordon.

Film director Matthew Vaughn, (Kingsmen, Kick-Ass), is according to The Hollywood Reporter, currently in talks to remake Flash Gordon.

For those of you unaware who or what Flash Gordon is he was a character created by Alex Raymond in 1934, an all-American Yale polo player who is unexpectedly jettisoned into space to save earth from interplanetary villains and threats. He started life on the printed page as a comic strip hero and his adventures proved so popular he progressed into radio serials, TV and eventually the silver screen.

A script for the remake has already been written by Star Trek 3 scribes J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and initial reports are stating that the movie would be a ‘new version’ on the much-loved property, which suggests that Vaughn might dump the cheesy, campy atmosphere of Mike Hodge’s 1980’s, Queen soaked movie adaptation, which most people now fondly remember.

One major problem Vaughn faces before production starts would be the not so small issue of replacing Brian ‘Gordon’s Alive‘ Blessed. Saving earth from destruction would be an easier task.

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