Jackman Promises Wolverine 3 Will Be Perfect.


I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the news of Hugh Jackman announcing that Wolverine 3 would be his last movie as his most famous mutant character. Hanging up his cool, ‘snickety-snick‘, retractable claws for good. Personally Jackman is Wolverine and any attempt to reboot the character with another actor would just feel out of place.

However, we still have one more Wolverine movie to go before Jackman departs and according to a recent interview the actor conducted for Collider.com, we could have the movie sooner rather than later. He said:

‘We have a script. A full script. To tell you, two days ago I got that the full finished—well, it’s not finished, but we’re getting super close—as you can see by the rate of my facial hair. That might give you a good clue that perhaps…yeah, it’s sooner rather than later… don’t have a firm date yet. My thing and I’ve told you and I’ve told everyone, it’s my last one, for me I want it to be perfect, so the moment I know it’s perfect, bang, we’ll go.’

It will be interesting to see how the plot of Wolverine 3 will fit with the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie. Wolverine 3 is scheduled for release on March 3rd, 2017.


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