New HELLBOY Trailer Is Full Of Blood & Swears.

Here’s the second official trailer for the Hellboy reboot and it’s a red band version so it’s full of blood, gore and the swears.

Judging from what we can see here it looks like the reboot is going for a more closely aligned version of the comic book series it’s based upon.

Yes, the main protagonist retains the sarcastic one-liners and the clunking, red fist but it feels to be centred around a darker, horror based plot. The bad guys look like they’ve stepped out of a Hieronymus Bosch painitng and why shouldn’t they? The film literally has ‘Hell’ in the title.

The big question remains, will David Harbour suitably replace Ron Pearlman as the mouthy, beer swilling half-demon? Wait for the one-liner at the end of the trailer. Replacement suitable!


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