A Gremlins Animated Prequel Series Is In Development.

I’m definitely at odds with this news.

I was under the distinct impression that a third Gremlins movie was in the works, even though it was being touted as a reboot, but this news shifts expectations drastically.

Apparently Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television are to produce an animated Gremlins series which will follow Mr Wing, the elderly Chinese grandfather, who refuses to sell Gizmo at the beginning of Joe Dante’s 1984 original movie. The series will follow Mr Wing’s adventures as a young man with his pet Gizmo.

So this animated series will essentially be a prequel and although the idea itself doesn’t sound bad what does this mean for the prospect of another live-action installment of the franchise? Are we now in that development hell vacuum previously inhabited by the  Ghostbusters franchise, where nothing more than an animated series is offered to bridge a gap until another movie is made?

Seems like it.



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