Ray Liotta Joins Sopranos Prequel Cast.


What’s this? The actor who played Gate Guard #2 in the 1999 box office flop Muppets In Space is to join the cast of The Sopranos prequel movie?

Ray Liotta is currently negotiating to sign up to The Many Saints Of Newark which will be a prequel film centred around Tony Soprano’s father, as he establishes the infamous organised crime family in the 1960s. It’s obviously unclear at this early stage which gangster Liotta will flesh out, but as the plot centres around the rising tensions between the Black and Italian communities living in that area at that time, which culminated in the Newark riots, it’s probably a safe bet he will at some point fire a gun at someone, beat somebody to a bloody pulp, snarl and or menacingly issue oral threats of bloody violence.

The Many Saints Of Newark will be directed by Alan Taylor who as well as directing Thor: The Dark World and seven episodes of Game Of Thrones also directed nine episodes of The Sopranos TV series, and has been co-written by the TV series creator David Chase.

It’s also understood that Michael Gandolfini, (son the late, great James Gandolfini), will play a young version of Tony Soprano in the film. Shooting starts later this year.


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