Planned Night Of The Creeps Sequel Will Feature Original Cast.


The cult, horror-comedy classic Night Of The Creeps is 33 years old and most of the cast are now in their fifties but guess what film fans? It’s time for a sequel.

In the most bizarre news of the year, it turns out plans are in the pipeline for not only a straight sequel to the 1986 movie, but writer-director Fred Dekker, (Monster Squad), is insisting it can only happen if the original cast is brought back. This is where things get interesting as one of the leads in the original, who played the part of Detective Ray Cameron, was the legendary character actor Tom Atkins, who is now 83 years old.

The plot of the original movie rattles along like so:

In 1959, an alien experiment crashes to earth and infects a fraternity member. They freeze the body, but in the modern day, two geeks pledging a fraternity accidentally thaw the corpse, which proceeds to infect the campus with parasites that transform their hosts into killer zombies.

Speaking to recently, Dekker revealed that he is insistent on finding a way to resurrect Atkin’s character for the sequel, which should prove a tad tricky as, (SPOILER ALERT), Detective Ray Cameron was blown to smithereens in an act of selfless heroism in the final act. But we live in a world where there are five Rambo movies and eight Rocky movies, (if you count the two Creed spin-offs), so why can’t we watch an octogenarian shotgun to death alien brain-eating slugs for a second time?



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