Rick Moranis To Return For Honey I Shrunk The Kids Reboot

In a world of perpetual doom and gloom, it’s nice to finally read some good news for a change, even if it’s as trivial as the announcement of the return of a much-loved actor from the 80s.

The last time Rick Moranis was onscreen was in 1996 and now 24 years later he will reprise his role of Wayne Szalinski in Shrunk, the Disney reboot/sequel to Honey I Shrunk The Kids, which will also star Josh Gad, (Frozen) and will be directed by Joe Johnston who directed the original movie.

It’s understood Gad will play the grown-up son of Szalinski and it’s been rumored that the plot of the movie will see Moranis’ character as a reclusive man struggling to deal with the death of his wife after failing to cure her of cancer with his shrinking technology, which causes a rift between him and his kids.

Of course, Moranis himself quit acting after his own wife died of cancer in 1991 and dedicated his life to bringing up his own children so this rumoured plot, a subject close to Moranis, could be why the actor is returning.

So far there has been no confirmed release date for Shrunk.




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