Indy 5 Starts Production In Two Months Time.

A new Indiana Jones movie will start filming in the Spring of this year and both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will be back for the fifth installment of the beloved franchise.

Speaking during a recent CBS interview, to promote his latest film Call Of The Wild, Ford let slip that filming on Indy 5 would commence in around two months’ time. Of course, the Internet melted at this news with fans delighted and disappointed in equal measure. Arguments raged as to why a 77 year-old would be fit or convincing enough to bullwhip his way through another adventure, forgetting of course that less than six months ago a 73 year-old armed himself to the teeth and shot and chopped up a Mexican drug cartel at his farm, in Rambo 5.

The only way I won’t buy a ticket to see Indy 5 is if they insist on basing it before the abysmal Crystal Skull installment by using de-aging effects like they did in The Irishman.

A younger CGI’d Indiana Jones is definitely something my eyes do not want to see.

INDIANA JONES 5 is slated for release on July 9, 2021.

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