Vin Diesel Wants An All-Female Fast & Furious Spin-Off.

I’ve lost count what tally we’re now at with Fast & Furious movies, the franchise delivered their first spin-off with Hobbs & Shaw last year which, although critically panned was an enormous success, pulling in $760m against a $200m budget.

So with the main franchise still going strong and a rosy future for the fledging Hobbs & Shaw it comes of no surprise that moves for another spin-off might be in the works with an all-female cast.

During a recent MTV News interview Diesel spoke about the possible project and the fact that it’s his idea and a script is currently in the works and should be completed next month. Backing up this claim was Diesel’s main female co-star Michelle Rodriguez who explained:

“Definitely all the power pieces would need to be in place. See what Charlize [Theron] is doing? We’d be like, ‘Can we talk you into being a good girl?’ She’s so bad into this, right? She’s so mean. I love her, though.”

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