Sam Raimi To Make Fourth Evil Dead Movie.


Good News Everyone!

If like me you’re a bit of a traditionalist and certain re-boots and remakes piss you off and make you yearn for the original, then here’s a bit of welcome news. Turns out director Sam Raimi is finally gearing up to make a fourth Evil Dead film. That’s right, let’s just pretend for the time being that a full blown remake of the original won’t be on general release later this year and focus on this amazing news that Raimi isn’t finished with his cult property just yet.

Does this mean that an older Ash, (played by Bruce Campbell), will finally be able to blow dust off his boomstick one last time? We shall have to wait and see but one thing is for certain Raimi and his brother have confirmed that they’ll both be working on the script for the fourth installment of the franchise over the summer.

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