Poltergeist Remake Gets A Director.


After quite of bit of toing and froing it seems MGM have finally settled upon a director for their Poltergeist remake.

They’ve plumped for Gil Kenan, who seems like an excellent choice to helm the movie when you consider his previous two films were Monster House and City Of Ember. The only note of concern at this point is the fact that these two movies were children’s films, does this mean that MGM want a more family orientated re-telling of Poltergeist?

Maybe it’s a little premature to get our panties in a twist over this news, if screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire’s quote is anything to go by:

Well, you know there’s not too much I can say. I will say that I handed in a second draft and people are incredibly excited about it. They’re not the director, but they’re in search of a director. I will also say that there are very few people who are as obsessed with the original movie as I am, so I would try to write a script that I would want to see as a fan. I will say that.

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