Is Ash Returning For An Evil Dead TV Series? The Confusion Continues.

ash 3


Writing a blog about movie sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots can be quite confusing as many of the projects Hollywood is working on can be difficult to categorise. There’s so many re-imaginings and reiterations of well established properties currently in the pipeline, after a while it can get a little overwhelming. Hence the problem with this post which details plans for an Evil Dead TV series.

As previously reported on here director Sam Raimi announced last year he and his brother were working on a script for a fourth Evil Dead movie which was then followed up with the news that a sequel to last years Evil Dead remake could bleed into a seventh Evil Dead movie, (the original three, plus yet to be filmed sequel, plus recent remake and it’s yet to be filmed sequel), where both franchises, old and new, would converge in one epic Evil Dead crossover.

Now it seems Raimi and Co want to confuse horror fans even further by what appears to be the announcement of an Evil Dead TV series starring Bruce Campbell as Ash. During last week’s Comic Con in San Diego Raimi spoke about writing the TV series with his brother Ted and Campbell. Of course fans vented their frustrations on Twitter with many stating that they would only ever tune in if Ashley J Williams returned as lead, to which Bruce Campbell replied:

So where does this development leave us now? Well if if there’s to be an Evil Dead TV series how then will it fit in with plans to develop an Army Of Darkness sequel, alongside a sequel to the recent remake and plans to have an almighty convergence of both franchises in a seventh Evil Dead movie?


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