Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Stand-In On Fast 7.


(Pic via Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page)

Following the tragic death of actor Paul Walker last year a lot of doubt has hung over the production of the 7 Fast 7 Furious , the film Walker was working on before he died.

Jostling from will they/won’t they complete the sequel, production did indeed forge ahead and a release date of April next year was officially slated. Now it’s been confirmed that to solve the problem of Walker’s absence from key scenes his real-life Bros, (not his Hollywood actor friends), will be used as physical stand-ins, with post production generating Walker’s face onto their bodies by way of some sort of high-tech dark art.

Just to confirm that this technique will be employed Vin Diesel posted the above picture to his Facebook page, featuring both Caleb and Cody Walker on the set of 7 Fast 7 Furious , where Diesel offered up the following:

“When I heard the news, I left the production, grabbed a plane and took my family and Michelle back to LA… drove directly to his parent’s house…His Father said, Paul loved you Vin… I awkwardly and nervously said, aw come on… then he said… you don’t have to get along every second to love each other… so true.
P.s. After spending time with his biological brothers, I must say to the parents, you raised some great kids.”


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