Edgar Ramirez Is Your New Bodhi.


When Gerard Butler reverse ferreted out of the Point Break remake last month the general consensus was the project might not recover from such a blow. Ignoring the fanboy outrage for a minute Butler seemed like a near perfect fit for the iconic role of surfing anarchist Bodhi.

Determined to forge ahead with the remake producers assured the entertainment press that filming would stay on schedule and a search for a replacement would be launched immediately. Well according to various sources the search now seems over as Edgar Ramirez may be the next Bodhi.

Whoooooooooo? No disrespect to Ramirez but he isn’t exactly a household name, yet. The Venezuelan is probably best known for his role in the critically acclaimed biopic series Carlos, other credits include Domino, The Bourne Ultimatum, Wrath Of The Titans and  Zero Dark Thirty.

According to the team leading this remake they’ve stated that the 37 year-old will be taking the character of Bodhi in a new direction.

May I suggest a transgender surfing bank robber by day and a cabaret dancer by night?


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