Tremors Remake Is Thundering On.

Internet rumours are suggesting that a full-on Tremors remake could be in the pipeline. The property had at one time been viewed for a reboot along with a fifth addition to an already weak and diluted franchise, but now it seems the slate is to be wiped clean and an official attempt at a restart through a remake is on the cards.

Director Don Michael Paul, (Lake Placid: The Final Chapter) has been tagged to helm the project and recently spilled the beans on  his blog that he’s more than ready to take the movie on:

After I finish up “Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich” I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the “Tremors” franchise for Universal. Big year ahead and I’m excited to keep it going with the support of all you genre movie lovers out there.

I have a very special place in my heart for the 1990 original which starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, as two hapless handymen forced to rescue a small American desert town from man-eating, giant sandworms. The chemistry between the two male leads is what made the original so successful. I have reservations that Paul will be able to find two new actors who’d be able to re-create that rapport.


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