FOX Wins Escape From NY Remake Rights.


That Escape From New York remake you’ve been dreading has now inched ever closer to becoming a reality thanks to FOX, who managed to win the rights for the remake in a recent deal.

What we finally have discovered is that all the chatter about Gerard Butler or Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam taking over the iconic lead role of Snake Plissken, originally made famous by Kurt Russell, has been nothing but wild speculation. Apparently there is no script and no casting decisions have been made for the simple fact the rights for the remake hadn’t been settled until now.

With FOX now firlmy in the driving seat the project can now proceed with hiring a screenwriter and a director. Personally speaking I would’ve much preferred the idea of a sequel with a haggard, older Snake played once more by a haggard older Russell.

(via Deadline)


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