Kong: Skull Island Releases A Teaser Image.

kong 1

Here’s the first official image from the much anticipated King Kong reboot Skull Island.

Film studio Legendary are working towards bringing both the Godzilla and King Kong franchises together, with a planned sequel to the 2014 Godzilla film slated for a 2019 release and a Godzilla Vs Kong movie anticipated for 2020.

Kong: Skull Island boasts an impressive cast with Tom Hiddleston leading the way,accompanied by Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly and John Goodman. It’s directed by Jordan Vogt Roberts, whose been earmarked for the Metal Gear Solid adaptation.

The plot for the movie centres around a team of explorers who embark on a mission of discovery on a mysterious island in the Pacific unaware they have stumbled upon the Skull Island the home to King Kong..

Kong: Skull Island will be released in cinemas on March 10, 2017.

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