Netflix Teams-Up For Shaft Reboot.

Another day, another reboot. Except the timing of this planned reboot could prove interesting, against a current backdrop of  rising white supremacy in America, neo-Nazism and general fascism.

It’s being reported that New Line Cinema is teaming up with Netflix to launch a new Shaft movie. It’s understood that Netflix will pick up the tab for half of the $30m budget in return for international rights and the ability to stream the movie on their service two weeks after it’s released in cinemas.

As for the plot the reboot will star Samuel L. Jackson, who will reprise his role of John Shaft the nephew of Shaft, who will once again be played by Richard Roundtree from the orignal 1971 movie. The pair will also be joined by Jessie T. Usher (Independence Day: Resurgence), who is slated to play Shaft’s son, who will be the main focus of the new movie.

Son Of Shaft is scheduled for release later next year

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