Jordan Peele Is Keen To Remake Candyman.

Nothing has been officially announced yet and currently it’s still only a rumour, but early word suggests film director Jordan Peele, (Get Out), is super keen to produce a Candyman remake.

Candyman was a notorious horror film from the 90s, adapted form the short story ‘The Forbidden’ by Clive Barker and starred Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen and was directed by Bernard Rose. It told the story of a young female graduate researching urban myths who stumbles upon an old legend about a murderous figure with a hook for a hand, dressed in a 1970s English Premiership manager’s coat, who could be summoned by saying Candyman five times while facing a mirror.

According to website Bloody Disgusting Peele is currently in talks to produce a remake, although directing the project hasn’t been ruled out, but details are thin mainly due to the current confusion as to who owns the property rights of the original even now that they’ve become available. If there’s one person in Hollywood that could competently handle a horror remake it’s Jordan Peele.


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