Mad Max: The Wasteland Could Go Into Production This Year.

Ever since Mad Max: Fury Road was released in 2015 movie fans have been asking when will director George Miller make a sequel. After all, the man himself made it clear his intention was to continue with the franchise and that he had more ideas, he even leaked the title for the follow-up, Mad Max : The Wasteland.

But it’s been a long five years what with a lengthy legal wrangle between Millar’s production company and Warner Bros, over unpaid earnings. That now seems to be resolved and even though Miller’s next film Three Thousand Years Of Longing is currently taking up all of his time Geek Worldwide is reporting that Mad Max: The Wasteland has been given the green light and could start filming as early as autumn of this year.

It’s also understood that instead of shooting in Nambia, as Miller did for Fury Road, the sequel will be returning to Max’s birthplace Australia. Even though Warner Bros and Miller are remaining tight-lipped about the project fans can feel some relief in knowing that the movie has just popped up in the latest edition of Production Weekly, an industry website that lists every movie currently officially in development.

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